3. The Ceremony


We only have one recommendation for your ceremony: Consider asking your guest to refrain from taking photos and videos during the ceremony especially the walk down the aisle. This is great for three main reasons. Firstly, it allows your guests to be fully present in the moment. Secondly, there are no distracting cellphones in the background of your images. Thirdly, it will enable us to capture all of your special moments without bumping or being blocked by someone in the aisle. We think experiencing the moment and seeing you in real life is more important than viewing it through a screen. If you prefer to not have your ceremony entirely unplugged, we would suggest asking your guests to take photos from their seats without getting up into the aisles.  Another idea would be to delegate specific guests to be responsible for snapping some pictures for you. 

PRO TIP: Don't walk too fast down the aisle

PRO TIP: Look up, walk slowly, throw your hands up, dance, stop halfway for a long kiss, do whatever the hell you want and just enjoy it!