4 The Couple Portraits

This is the part where we have a grand time!

It’s guaranteed that you’ll walk away from your wedding day with so many incredible memories in your pockets. What’s not guaranteed is that you’ll walk away from your wedding day with a portrait of yourselves that you’re both absolutely in love with – unless we set some time aside for it. These are the photos you’ll hang on your wall and share with your kids one day. They are cherished keepsakes that you will treasure for years to come. So we recommend that both of you read the following section. 

We divide our couple portraits into two sessions. The first session is 45 minutes long. We usually start it about 30minutes after you open the aperitivo. However, if your aperitivo is very short we may recommend doing the couple portraits directly after the ceremony or consider doing a first look. The sunset session is no more than 15 minutes long and will be 30 minutes before sunset. This allows us to get those romantic backlit photos that everyone loves!

We ask for an hour in total for your couple portraits for a number of reasons. 

It may take some time for you to get comfortable in front of the camera. It’s our job to help you relax, shake out all the nerves and help you forget about the camera so you can be your authentic selves. 

We want to tell a love story and that requires multiple angles, scenes and “poses”. 

You should make the most of your investment for the location and that means utilizing as many different spots as possible. 

Photos can take some time to set up. We have to set the scene, find the right lighting and angles, and direct you at the same time. This can be stressful not just for us but for you too if we only have a short time to do it. Remember, it’s a domino effect. The more calm the atmosphere is, the better the experience will be and the photos will naturally be more beautiful. 

But whether we have 10 minutes or one whole hour, we will always do our best to deliver the best experience for you. 

If you have selected the sunset session you will need to inform your caterer or wedding planner that 30 minutes before sunset you will be away for 15minutes between courses.