This is the part where we have a grand ole ’time!

Our couple portraits usually take an hour and we usually do them during the aperitivo / cocktail hour. There is also the option of dividing the session into three or four 20-minute intervals at different times of the day.

So what are the advantages of this, you may be thinking? You’ll get to spend more time with your guests during the cocktail hour and you will have a beautiful variety of images because both the light and the backgrounds will change each time we have a portrait session.

Here are some ideas on where and what we could do:

  • Near the church. Your wedding party can join in too just tell us down below.
  • Stopping somewhere special en route to the location.
  • At the location.
  • In the reception area (where the tables are) before all guests begin to sit down.
  • At sunset for some gorgeous backlit photos between the dinner courses.
  • At night where we can try something special with lights.

When’ve done this in the past, our couples have been much more relaxed after the first session and more adventurous too! We are talking about spontaneous spins, kisses and cuddles (just to name a few). The most important piece of advice we can share is not to give too much importance to this part of the day! We hate doing things you’re not comfortable with, so don’t be afraid to say “Hey Nic and Mauro, that ain’t for us!” But whether you choose the standard one-hour couple portraits or the shorter sessions of 20 minutes, we still recommend that you always have a short portrait session around sunset time. Remember that the portraits are the photos that you will hang on the wall. So why not make them memorable? Try new things, be adventurous, be like two VIPs for the day if you like, do ridiculous and funny poses, throw your hands up in the the air, spin your girl around, throw her up in the air, but never… never be stiff! Always keep on moving! The more you move the more natural the photos will be.