7 The Reception

The more we know about the layout of the venue and the kind of lighting that will be used, the better prepared we’ll be to make sure all of the details line up in favour of amazing images.

From the details of what type of tables you’ll be using, to where you’ll be in relation to the person giving speeches, all of this is super helpful for us to get a lay of the land and understand where to get the best shots. If you’re having a DJ, will they be using their own lighting? The more fairy lights and candles and non-directional lighting the better, multi-coloured disco strobes don’t look good on guests or their food! 

Also, most people don’t like to be photographed while they’re eating, so this is a good time for us to grab a quick bite too and be well-prepared for the rest of the night! It’s great to put in a request with the kitchen that we get our meal at the same time as you so that we can eat before the speeches start and be ready to go when people start to mingle in between courses.

If you’re planning to use sparklers it works best if there’s a designated sparkler-hander-outer so that everyone’s sparklers are burning bright together. The handler (hehe) should instruct guests to only light them up when they give the OK to avoid Uncle Bob lighting his up 5 minutes before everyone else. Also don’t forget to have extra matches and lighters around. In our experience, the best time to use the sparklers is when everyone’s huddled closer together like for a first dance or having guests form a tunnel to bring you onto the dancefloor/ cut the cake area. We find that sparklers are not as effective during the cutting of the cake unless you plan on having everyone encircle you. What tends to happen is that while we’re taking photos of you cutting the cake, all the sparkler action is behind us or guests are simply too far away for a WOW effect.