We know that this has been a lot of information to digest, but please know that not all of it applies to every wedding. Sit down and have a discussion with your partner about what feels right for both of you and don’t hesitate to get me on the line if you feel like you just need a human being to talk you through all of the text.

We are so grateful you chose us and we can’t wait for your big day to roll around so we can start capturing some beautiful memories together! 

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaires. It will help us tremendously.

To recap, please send the following information to us via email.

  • Photos of your dress
  • Photos of your hair
  • Photos of your invites captured in daylight
  • Photos of any extra objects you’ll be bringing that you would like to have photographed
  • A mood board of the wedding prepared by you or your wedding planner
  • A mood board of the flowers
  • The breakdown of the ceremony
  • Photos of your immediate family, wedding party and VIP’s you’d like us to pay a little more attention to.